0.155.1 Something wrong with Executions display


after updateing to 0.155.1 executions display got corrupted

  • Error instead of Waiting
  • Mode got more technical
  • Running time is not displayed

Donwgrading to 0.153.0 repairs the display.

Hi @Rugia, I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this behaviour!

This appears to be related to the internationalization functionality we rolled out recently - maybe @ivov can take a look? It’s probably just a matter of adding the missing keys to this file (edit: plus checking the execution time, I missed this when I first looked at the screenshot provided), but seeing this is a new feature it’s best to have an actual expert check this.

In the meantime, you can downgrade to version 0.154.0 (the most recent version without i18n) to avoid this behaviour.

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Fixed. We will let you know when this is released.


Got released with 0.155.2

Thanks @ivov, @jan and @MutedJam for the quick fix!

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