2FA - n8n cloud

Hi @maxT and @jan, we have been working with cloud SaaS platforms for a while and think that adding a 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to the cloud version is an important security feature. Either staring with an oauth with google/github or adding something like a google authenticator would be ideal.


Hi @pradilla thanks for posting this. Completely agree that security is of the utmost importance for a tool like n8n which holds access to various apps and services. It’s also something we’ve planned to implement, but inbound requests help us with prioritisation so appreciate it!

Will update here once I have more info on progress, especially when it comes to planned spec.



@maxT , any update on adding 2FA to the roadmap?

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@GreenFlux happy to say that 2FA/ MFA is on our n8n.cloud roadmap for n8n.cloud. While I can’t give you a specific ETA, it’s on the immediate roadmap behind a few other features - i.e. it’s not buried in backlog hell :wink:

If anyone has specific requirements for 2FA/ MFA, please do add them here (especially if it’s a hard requirement for your organisation or a vendor you work with).


Yes for me too it is a very important requirement for production environments.
Password-only authentication is too vulnerable to brute force especially in the absence of mechanisms similar to fail2ban.
I would love to be able to use two-factor authentication in the app, with Authy for example.

Is the feature also planned for the self hosted version?

Thanks a lot, I really love n8n

@marco.fucito 2FA for n8n.cloud would be separate from 2FA on n8n core/ self-hosted. For n8n.cloud, we’ll be adding 2FA to the global n8n account used to access n8n.cloud and n8n.io.

As for 2FA on n8n core, this would be on our User Management roadmap. We’re currently implementing the MVP of User Management. Once that is released, we’ll be prioritising additional functionality for User Management, including auth features like 2FA/ SSO etc.

for the self-hosted n8n, i route my connections via a tunnel to Cloudflare Teams this give the 2FA needed when exposing my infra to outside.


Could you share detail step by step how to do this? Is self-hosted n8n install by docker can do this? Cloudflare free can do this?

i use docker for self hosted yes.

And CloudFlare teams Argo Tunnel.

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