404 error using Tally and n8n (with a webhook)

Hi, I am trying to get the Tally form tool to work with n8n but unfortunately it does not work. I have a 404 error. N8n is currently on a server. I have tested other webhook and I have not had any problem.

Hey @simon_Piquemal,

Are you using the test webhook url or the production url? The test url only exists / works when you manually execute the workflow so it could be that the workflow is not waiting for the test connection.

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In addition to what @Jon said, Tally would send out webhooks using the POST method, whereas your webhook node seems to be configured for a GET request. So you probably want to change the field accordingly:


I have tested both

Indeed it was the post method to use. I was convinced that this was the get. Thank you for responding so quickly. I wish you a good day :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks for confirming and have a great day as well!


I have an 404 whatever I do.

I started with watching the video from your documentation site called β€œWebhook” and reproducing what I saw there.
(I will ignore that you had the old interface back than in the video :blush: )
I copy the test URL and paste it in another browser just like your colleague shows in the video.

I’m getting 404 all the time.

Hey @momom, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble!

Could you share the response you are getting with the 404 status? Just to get an idea of whether this is an error coming from n8n or from somewhere else?

Also, could you copy your webhook node and paste it here on the forum? Perhaps it’s just something simple like the wrong HTTP method :slight_smile:

Hi this is the Node

This is a screenshot from the browser page. There is only 404 nothing else.

So this error suggests the problem lives outside of your n8n instance. n8n would typically respond with a JSON-formatted error message like this:

Can you confirm how you have deployed n8n? Is it running behind a proxy server?

Were you able to solve the problem related to this thread?

I also was not able to reach n8n url. Tally was not able to do that.