503 on my n8n.com.br

Good morning, I have been experiencing a recurring issue with my n8n webpage, which is hosted on AWS, specifically an ECS that now works with a queue system (which I adopted to prevent outages due to a high number of requests in my workflows). However, the problem persists at times. The page goes down and then comes back up. Sometimes the workflows are completed successfully, and other times they fail, even though they are not that large. According to AWS, it utilizes around 60% of the CPU and memory. What could be happening? We are unsure of which strategy to use, and we really want to continue using n8n! :frowning:

my page is https://n8n.joov.com.br/

Hi @Fernanda_Silva - sorry to hear you’re running into this!

Could you let us know the what version of n8n you’re running, what kind of data you’re processing (example data would be helpful!), and can you provide any server logs? That all would help us investigate this with you :sweat_smile:

Here an example of the flows that sometimes ruins everything… I use a webhook from FrontApp (with the tags system) In this case when is time to do a 2 weeks followup on that lead, and then Pipedrive and finaly my DB in mysql and a spreadsheet.

It works just fine, sometimes when is too many requests (like 20 or so) it goes on and on loading and the page goes down. Its weird knowing now i use Queue mode…

Cheers for sharing your workflow - can you share your server logs? That might give us some more insight as to what’s going on, otherwise it’d be difficult to tell.

Can I also ask if you have multiple webhook workers set up?

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