A bottleneck in the very first exercise. GMail OAUTH needs new Google Cloud account

The very first noob exercise, to “cleanup Gmail” seems to be a troublesome one to begin with, as it appears there is no way to set up OAUTH in your Gmail account, but one needs to sign up with Google Cloud, requiring a credit card, 'though I only want to try this on my existing Gmail account.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 7.27.10 pm

Hi @ian8n, welcome to the community and many thanks for your feedback!

The Gmail node uses an API only available through a Google Cloud account unfortunately, so I won’t be able to change that credit card requirement.

The 404 is odd though. Were you trying to open the link in a new tab? The documentation website doesn’t like that unfortunately, but when just opening a link like this one in your screenshot it should open fine:

If you’re looking for the deep link, this would be the one.

I probably tried opening it in a new tab. I clicked through to it okay from your “deep link” when reading this on my phone in the emailed notification of your comment. Thanks.

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