Ability to re-run or re-execute successful workflows [created]

Sometimes we have workflows that run successfully, but we have changed the logic or conditionality in which some of the steps would run. After saving those changes, we would like to re-execute the successful workflows with the updated logic.

It would be useful to be able to re-run single executions and select multiple to re-execute.

@roemhildtg thanks for highlighting this scenario - can see how replaying successful executions would be helpful in such scenarios.

n8n community members - please upvote this feature if you’d like it made. This helps us prioritize which features to release.


This would definitely be cool to have. You have my vote @roemhildtg! :slight_smile:


Nice idea, I added my vote!

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You have my vote!

Side Note: Just ran into this very problem with a LARGE set of inputs, I had to write a NEW temp function an go through all my records, to make sure the new logic was applied to the end data. Being able to rerun it after fixing would have been an awesome feature. Even better would be selected 500 runs with checkboxes and rerunning them ALL in one shot in the original workflow with the fixed logic.

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It would also be awesome if it’s possible to select the node from where the execution should start. Maybe even give the option to disable some nodes, so they won’t get rerun(I am thinking about messaging nodes like mail and SMS which would be in some cases not optimal to rerun)


We’re planning on allowing you to load the execution data back in to the editor, so that you can do this kind of thing.


@sirdavidoff very cool, just thought about writing a feature request today about loading execution data back into the editor, not for re-executing, but rather for having data in the editor to set fields for new nodes without having to execute the flow in the editor.

I’ve also just noticed, that manually set JSON in the output of a node now gets automatically passed forward to the next nodes without having to execute the node. Thats also really nice :slight_smile:

Not just successful executions, but failed ones too.


+1 on failed ones.
Would be cool to be able to replay an execution, not only from the node that failed, but from the start.
Ex : My node fails because too many decimal on a specific field, so I have to rewrite a previous “code node” which executed successfully at the time, just not with the right output, in order to round it.
However, I can’t replay the execution with that new version of that code node because it’s replayed from the failed node only.

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The recently released ‘debug in editor’ feature should allows you to re-run any execution, failed or not. Docs here.

(Please note that this feature is available on Pro plans and above)