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Hello there!

So while I was trying to get a working version of the Monaco editor inside the function node, I was experiencing really slow dev builds (I’m on WSL with only 8GB RAM and I hate my life right now). This led me to try out integrating Vite for building the frontend instead of webpack, which had problems importing non-esm dependencies (namely had some problems with the n8n-workflow package).

Would such contributions like changes to the actual build process of packages be welcome? I’d really like to contribute to the project, and I’d love to spend some time improving the development process with faster reloads.

Also, is there any public roadmap or something like that? Would be nice to see what’s on the menu for future releases or see what’s actually work in progress.


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How slow is slow? On my desktop and laptop the build times are fairly quick (under 2 minutes). I have found in the past that for some reason compiling with WSL does take longer I had assumed it was just an issue with the way it was integrated into the OS.

Slow as in I’m lucky if npm run dev takes less than 5 minutes. I’m sure my laptop is one big factor here, but I’ve tried loading vite and it got to under a minute (after partly fixing some problems importing modules). I’ll try running the project directly in Windows though and see how it goes.


5 minutes isn’t terrible but I can see why it would be annoying for quick changes that you want to test, It would be good to know if you have the same result when compiling outside of WSL. Normally I would give it a test but I am not sure what the state of my Windows partition is as I have not used it for about 2 years now.

Really great to hear that you want to contribute @arpadgabor!

Sure such contributions are more than welcome. It was actually planned to switch to Vite. The two main reasons it did not happen yet are

  1. developer resources and
  2. that there are apparently issues with Vue2 <> Vite but I am sure you know more about that

So if you have any such contributions please send them our way. They would be more than appreciated!

Just full disclosure. Currently are the PR review times wayyyyy longer than we would like. That has to do with the above-mentioned point 1. So just because something does not get reviewed and merged fast, does not in any way mean that contributions are not welcome and will not get merged.

We sadly do not have a public roadmap yet but we have planned to publish one soon.


FYI relevant video from n8n youtube recently using esbuild - Improve n8n build time - YouTube

Build times were reduced drastically, nodes-base went from 40s to 0.5s!

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