About n8n deployment in multiple isolated instances and its maintenance


We want to try n8n in multiple deployments. It means that same nodes and saved triggers must be started in each new release. For example we added workflow in new development release and we want that workflow to start after our infrastructure update, i.e. developer must not go to each deployment and manually create workflow.

What can you advise?

Very sorry that post somehow did fall through the cracks.

So if I understand you correctly you want that each new deployment already has multiple active worflows set up.

If that is the case the easiest would be to either do it on the database level. Meaning if you use SQLite you simply copy the database file for each deployment or if you use Postgres you write a script that prepopulates the data for that databases.

Another alternative would be to write something which uses the REST-API the Editor-UI uses. The code can be found here:

In the end, it means all you have to do is to send the workflow data via POST to the endpoint and it will be created.

I hope that helps!