Accessing input 2 data from merge

As you can see in the screenshot, I have a merge before this node.

But it seems like I can only reference the first item in the node (from input 1). I can’t reference it.

It looks like the merge is forming an array with two JSON objects, so I figured I could reference with something like: {{ $json[1]...}} but that doesn’t work. Neither does just dragging the data item I want into the editor, which gives me {{ $ }}.

In the screenshot, you’ll see that if I reference {{$json.}} the only available completion of that path is code```, which is from my first input. It doesn’t appear to reference the input. How do I reference this data?

So the “trick” here appears to be something like this.

{{ $('Merge').all()[1] }}

Merge is the name of the merge node. Not sure why this works and the other format doesn’t, but this solves the issue.


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