Accessing Quest db from Azure cloud service


I am new to Azure, but have used n8n before.

I have questdb installed in Azure My n8n is on How should I give the hostname in the credential part of questdb node? The url of the questdb is of the form

My n8n url is

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you!!

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Hey @Dhanya_V_Sagar,

Looking at the node the host would be and there it has port at the bottom you would set that to 9000.

Thats what I used. But I am getting the error
ERROR: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

Hey @Dhanya_V_Sagar,

That error looks to be DNS related and it means the hostname is not correct, It could be worth checking your DNS options.

I have the same issue trying to access the Azure OpenAI service.
n8n deployed using docker-compose

When pinging the Azure hostname from the host server, it’s ok; when pinging from within the container, it’s not working.

Hey @Sebboe,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

I wouldn’t rely on just a ping I have always seen it as a bad test as it doesn’t test the same protocol and ICMP can be disabled which can lead to incorrect results.

If trying to connect to the URL from within the container fails though it would be interesting to know what error is coming back when trying to use the domain in an http request node or with something like nslookup. It could be a case of the networking not being correct and there is no route to the host from the container (maybe it is an internal only network network and not something like bridge) or maybe DNS is failing.

Thank you @Jon

I tried a nslookup with success from within the container but with the following error:Truncated, retrying in TCP mode.

The getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND issue is occurring only with Azure OpenAI; when using other API endpoints it’s working fine (like API).

When using the same HTTP call from Postman, everything is also working fine with the same Azure API endpoint.

I’ll have a look at the truncated error.

Hey @Sebboe,

ENOTFOUND means dns is not resolving the hostname, unless you are running postman from inside the container the test doesn’t really matter. What I would do is change the dns server for your container and see if that helps.