ACME Certificate error following Server Setup

Hi everyone,

Please bear with me as I don’t know too much about coding or servers and am learning as I go!

I have set up n8n on Ubuntu server and made it through all of the steps from n8n Server Setup however when I perform sudo docker-compose up I get the error Configuration loaded from flags. then the error Unable to obtain ACME certificate for domains multiple times.

After some digging into the ACME certificate error I was directed here:

Another potential solution:

I understand this isn’t an error within n8n, but I thought since you are all so wise and helpful that you might have some insight or advice for me. Do you think there is potential in these solutions? Is there anything else you recommend I look at to solve this? Most importantly, will trying any of these solutions interfere with the n8n setup if I try them out to solve my problem? Thanks in advance for any help!

@rubymel welcome to the community.

Did you set up the DNS before doing the docker-compose up?

@RicardoE105 Yes, I followed the steps in server setup. And thanks for the welcome!

Then probably @jan or @Tephlon have a better insight.

@RicardoE105 Yes hopefully! Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to take a look. :smiley: