Acronis Cyber Protect integration

Wer’e using more and more the Acronis Portal not just for Backup but also for Anti-Virus and if there would come a Acronis node it would be much easier for us to create new users with standard-plans automatic when a new order in erp is placed.

So you are interested only in the endpoints to manage users?

Hi Ricardo,

  • the best thing would be when we can generate a user very simple with a defined standard plan - as we don’t have to login in portal every time this would be a good basement for further connections to an ERP maybe.
  • The second nice thing would be an list-export of every customer and his used licenses (and a notification when this change (don’t know if this is possible by api?!))

upcoming things needed (if the integration on the ERP side can handle this):

  • Put used licenes and contingent on defined accounting-day on invoice in ERP
  • Change licenses and contingent in ERP and put changes in Acronis