Action required if new "done" output of Split In Batches node is used (only 0.220.0)

We sadly discovered a bug with the updated Split In Batches node that got released with version 0.220.0. So we had to revert that change.
All users which already started to use the new additional “done” output (screenshot below), please follow the following steps:

  • upgrade to the latest bug-fix version 0.220.1
  • delete the existing Split In Batches node
  • create a new one
  • reconnect the node again

The reason for the revert is a problem the change caused in some sub-workflows.

I want to say sorry for that issue! I was really sure there was no way that it could cause problems, but it sadly turned out that I was wrong as I did not think about that one case. That will definitely not happen again!

Screenshot from 2023-03-22 12-43-22