Action when certain amount of trigger or of time

Hello !
I’m currently trying to create a workflow where a message is sent on a slack channel if 100 people suscribe on mailchimp or if a certain amount of time pass.
I know how to use the Mailchimp trigger and the slack node but I don’t know how to count my triggers or the passed time.
Do you have some advice for me ?
Thanks you !

Welcome to the community @Leonard

Connect the Mailchimp trigger to something like Google Sheets. Every time the workflow is executed, increment the number by 1. After, check with an if node the current value. If the value is 100, notify the slack channel else, do nothing.

Note: I used Google Sheets, but you can use anything else that lets you keep a state. Even n8n’s static data.

You also mentioned you need to do the same if a certain amount of time passes. Passes since when?

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Thanks a lot for your response ! It is very useful.
I’ll try to implement it
For the time, i would like to do the same every day, but it’s quite a long time, do you think it’s possible ?
Thank you in advance !

You can use the Cron node to trigger the workflow every day. Please note, this won’t add a wait condition in-between your nodes, it will trigger the workflow based on the time you set.

Ok thank you it should work !

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