Hey there. Action Network is a CRM well-used by broadly progressive political campaigns.

Since launching in 2012, the Action Network toolset has powered many of the largest mobilizations of the last decade, including the Black Friday Walmart Strikes, the Women’s March, and the Climate Strike. The Action Builder toolset, launched in 2019, is helping dozens of unions and progressive organizations develop and empower leaders and build strong, deep organizing campaigns.

They have a well-documented and fairly simple API that would make great additions to the n8n node library. Many organisers who use Action Network will often use Zapier for convenience but it is relatively expensive. You can see some examples of how people use AN with Zapier here.

Here’s what I reckon the most used API endpoints are:

Primary (parity with Zapier)



Hi @janbaykara thanks a lot for adding a tiered list for functionality - neat and very helpful!

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No worries! One other usecase I forgot which is pretty important (Secondary or Primary)

Get a person’s data

Searching for member data in particular is useful as you might be able to enrich your workflow nodes with CRM data.

ActionNetwork supports a subset of OData URL filtering so various endpoints can take a query param like ?filter=email_address eq '[email protected]' or ?filter=postal_code eq 'N43HH'. This would be most useful for the list /people endpoint.

Update the person’s data

This is actually solved by the Person Signup Helper :white_check_mark: as it performs upsert functionality. It could be useful to label that node “Create or Update Person” or something like that. There is, however, also a dedicated PUT endpoint for only updating users, which relies on you knowing the user’s ID.

Taking a stab at this here


This is soooo awesome! Thanks a lot! :partying_face:

:clap: fantastico! Thanks Jan!!

Thanks a lot @janbaykara!

Node got released with [email protected]

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