Add API to get Stripe invoice data

The idea is:

I’d be happy if you could extend the Stripe Node with the following API endpoints:

My use case

The invoice response from Stripe contains the invoice_pdf field (which is an URL linking to the PDF file; see Stripe API reference – The Invoice object – curl).

I want to fetch the PDF from that link using the HTTP Request node and upload the PDF to Pipedrive using Pipedrives File-Create-API (Pipedrive API v1 Reference), which luckily already is supported by n8n.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It allows to transfer Stripe invoices to CRMs such as Pipedrive, so that sales staff can react to customer requests regarding the latest invoice (items on the invoice; tax; amount; discounts; invoice address…).

Am I willing to work on this?

Yes. Tell me, how I can support!