Add Body Parameters to HTTP Request with JSON

Sometimes I’ll run into HTTP POST requests that have 20+ body parameters, and it can be a little time consuming adding all of those to the request. For these requests, it would be helpful to be able to “import” the key/value pairs via JSON.

For example, I have a request that has 20+ parameter requirements (some has been omitted) that looks something like this:

“schedule_name”: “MySchedule”,
“time_start_preset”: “01:00”,
“time_zone”: “US/Central”,
“month_day”: “01”,
“weekday”: “Sunday”,
“error_backoff”: null,
“status”: “waiting”,
“send_email”: “”,
“report_cycle”: “1 Day”,
“server”: “”,
“start_time”: “”,
“kill_time”: “”,
“previous_export_date”: “2022-11-23 18:45:44”,
“run_immediately”: null,
“language”: “en_us”,
“trials”: “0”

Being able to turn this into the UI key/value would speed up how long it takes to build more complicated requests.

I know I can just use the JSON/RAW option, but it’s nice to keep it easy to read using the UI method.

What you can do is add one key value and then copy the node and paste it into notepad for example. You can then easily copy paste that first one in the array shown. And add many values easily.
Not perse an import but is a bit faster than using the UI.

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