Add character before the string

I want to add a character of ’ before the phone number
and then set it back to google sheets,
the parameter I get is +44848888844 for example
how do I do that please?

i also saw that if my input is +44848888884, then n8n reads it without the +
so how do I add + and make sure its saved to google sheet with '+NUMBERABOVE

@Mike_Peterson without knowing the exact context, might this be what you’re looking for:

let phoneNumber = '44848888844'
let phoneNumberNew = '+' + phoneNumber

Hi Mike,

Make sure the User Entered is selected under the Value Input Mode in Google Sheets Node

not sure i understand this “User Entered”, but thank you for trying to assist

let phoneNumber = ‘44848888844’
let phoneNumberNew = ‘+’ + phoneNumber’’

do i put this as javascript?

This is an example of a piece of JavaScript that you could use in a Function Node. You’ll need some more code, depending on how your data is structured.