Add conversation update function to Freshservice


Would require conversation updates (notes) to be added to the ticket when their relevant updates to a particular ticket from external sources.

And also to use custom objects, we use the custom object to create special fields to reference it on automation

Any update on this… Without Having this feature would be critical for our workflow

@RicardoE105 would there be any update on this request, this is a much needed feature for us to use the node.

Hey @Allwynpradip,

At the moment there are only 2 votes for this feature so it doesn’t have a high priority, What you could do for now is use the HTTP Request node. Most of the time if the API documentation has a CURL request in it you can break it down to use it with n8n.

@jon, yes we could use curl, but all the required features that we currently need are available on the freshservice node except notes, without out this the freshservice node is just doing on way communication that hampers our usage.

Hey @Allwynpradip,

I get that, It was more to suggest a temporary work around for you using the HTTP Request node until we (or a community member) get around to adding in support for notes.