Add copy and add next to values box

So there’s already a trash icon to delete a value. But I often find myself needing to duplicate a value either because I want to use the same varaiable name with a slight variation or I want to create a similar value type (e.g. if it is number, i want to create a new number).

and in one set node, if you have +20 variables, it’s hard to scroll down to “add value” at the bottom. it’ll be super nice to have a plus icon and duplicate icon for each value


Hey @pooria,

Is this for the set node or another node? There is an overhaul to the set node coming out soon which have some cool new features which may help.

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set node.

Ooof can’t wait to get my hands on it.

is there an eta?

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Looks like it is going into code review today so unless there are any major issues I would say maybe next week (1.8.0) although this could of course change.

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