Add custom header oauth2

i am trying to pull some data from my bank and they offer an OAuth2 API.

however they require custom headers to be added on each request (and in the oauth2 setup).

i can’t complete the oauth2 setup because it replies unknown client id etc (because i didn’t set the client id header i presume).

didn’t manage to find a way to set anything like that on the OAuth2 API credentials setup. is there a way to do this? if not can you please point me to a workaround?

here is what they state on their docs:

Before You Start

All AIS Service calls require the following headers

    X-Request-ID: a client generated guid to uniquely identify each call
    X-IBM-Client-Id: myapp001.ClientId

Welcome to the community @mstelios!

That is currently sadly not possible as it was not needed for any of the services we integrated with n8n to this day. You can add it as a feature-request that we add it in the future.

The only workaround for now would be to implement the OAuth2 logic manually with HTTP Request Nodes.

thank you for the greeting, nice to meet you!

understood, i’ll try a few ideas that might work and should anything useful for the community comes up i’ll let you know.

keep up the great! work.

@mstelios how did you get around it?

@sjgn not yet, didn’t get around to it yet (yes i know, too long ago). the oauth2 manual implementation is a bit heavy. i was considering applying a patch to support it. i opened a related feature request. actually two because banks need also mTLS (mutual), that is you need to present a (special) client certificate which establishing the TLS conenction after the server cert verification. the feature requests start with "Banking: "…