Add custom ticket fields to Freshdesk

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Is there a way to work with custom fields of Freshdesk tickets? We added some but they are not showing up on n8n.



Hi @victorpantoja, there seems to be some code for that, but it’s currently commented out.

With this not currently being an option of the Freshdesk node, you would either need to consume the respective Freshdesk API through the HTTP Request node or raise a feature request to have support for custom tickets added to the node.

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I’ve also got custom fields I’d like to be able to specify - any idea if this can happen I can’t see the ability for custom fields on the node…

Sorry, the link in my last post was stupid as it links to the master branch rather than a specific commit. The custom field code is still commented out though and it’s not clear to me why that is: n8n/Freshdesk.node.ts at 9b042c4923bc0ac6dc4aca964c4a393ca68a78be · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Perhaps @Jon can look into adding this when he has a bit of time?

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I have created an internal ticket for this one which we will be tracking as N8N-4928.


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I guess this has not been implemented yet? I would like to request this feature too!

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