Add missing Zendesk ticket "On-hold" status

The idea is: Add “On-hold” Zendesk ticket status

Zendesk tickets have 6 statuses but the current node includes all but “On-hold”.

My use case:

My usecase is to acquire all the tickets for a group in specific statuses including the tickets set “On-hold”. I personally solved the problem by utilizing the expression {{hold}} for the current “Status” drop-down field (Tickets/Get All/Regular).

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

I believe it is a very easy task to add “On-hold” to the drop-down list allowing to query the tickets in all statuses supported by Zendesk.

Any resources to support this?

Tickets | Zendesk Developer Docs. See the value of status:

Allowed values are “new”, “open”, “pending”, “hold”, “solved”, or “closed”.

Hey @ihortom,

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That seems like a good addition to the node and should be a fairly simple change, don’t forget to click on the vote button so we can track how much demand there is.

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Got released with [email protected]

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