Add more outputs to Switch Node

Is there a way to add more “outputs” to the switch node instead of the default 4?

No that is currently not possible. Changed your question to a feature request.

Allright thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome. If you are interested in that feature (which you seem to be) you can up-vote it that we get a realistic picture of the interest in this feature. Thanks!

Bumping this in the hope to get a few more upvotes :neutral_face:

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I can see how this can be helpful. You have my vote! :slight_smile:

haha especially since i need around 65… Would love for the node to just get bigger in height :laughing:

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Thanks for the contribution - definitely would be useful! Updated post title so others can more easily find it.

@Damian_K conceptually, there could be an option to increase # of outputs (default 4), and the node itself increases in height for the additional outputs. As more outputs are added, the UX would get more cumbersome - especially when setting up routing rules within the node.

Along with flexible number of outputs, could be helpful to have a optional shorthand to setup routings. Would a text parameter that supports simple syntax be useful?
Something like:

2=“In progress”

This could be a standard text parameter and thus use n8n expressions for dynamically updating the routing logic based on WF data.

If anyone has any suggestions for this feature, please do share :slight_smile:

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Well, In my case i got around 65 or over a 100 routes the workflow can take, Anything that will allow me to have more routes will work instead of having ~30-40 Switch Nodes tied together