Add option for response_format in the OpenAI node

OpenAI added response_format as an option on their new models. It would be really nice to have that possibility as it would be really beneficial to be sure that the returned data is JSON

An object specifying the format that the model must output.
Setting to { type: "json_object" } enables JSON mode, which guarantees the message the model generates is valid JSON.

There are much more recent updates from OpenAI. I’ve suggested a consolidated request. Please vote if you like the idea. Please add support of the new OpenAI features

@Ed_P Yes, I’m aware of that, but my guess is that the more specific I am on my request the easier it is for the team to plan and estimate request. And since the gpt-4-1106-preview model is already available in the OpenAI node, this specific feature is the one I miss the most :slight_smile:

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I also miss this feature very much, forcing OpenAI to reply using JSON is a must have in plenty use cases.