Add outcome to calls on HubSpot

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How can I select the outcome of a call of HubSpot, I already created the workflow with create engagement on HubSpot and there is a Status field I can select but they are not the outcomes I have on HubSpot. Also If I select a status in there I receive the activity without one.

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How can I add the HubSpot call outcome to this workflow?


I can see in the definition of the Hubspot node that the Engagement metadata field Status is statically set.

Are you using Custom Call Outcomes as part of a Hubspot Professional or Enterprise plan? I can see this feature is disabled for free and Starter tier plans.

You can view these settings here:
Settings > Tools > Calls > Calling Configurations: Track Call Outcomes

If you do have the higher plans and are using these you’ll need to figure out whether it uses the existing Status field. Try using an Engagement: Get with the ID of an existing Engagement and see whether you can see the field it uses.

If it does use the existing Status field the Hubspot node will need to be developed further to retrieve the available options and populate the dropdown. Other fields do this, but you’ll be limited to developers who have the higher level plans.

Unfortunately I don’t have that level of plan, so can’t play myself.

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