Add suport for Topics in the Telegram sendWhatever functions

The idea is:

Implement support for Topics in the Telegram node. Topics are similar to Slack channels, and they add another level of hierarchy inside of groups.
Currently, if you send messages (or documents, images, video, stickers, location or whatever else) to a supergroup that has Topics enabled, the messages land in the General topic, with no way of controlling it, since the only configurable parameter is the Chat ID, and topics share it, using an additional parameter “message_thread_id” to route to a specific topic.

My use case:

  • Making a bot send messages to a Topic in a group
  • … that’s it :slight_smile:

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Currently, there are no ways to send bot messages (of any type, i.e. text, images, audio, location) to a Topic in a supergroup. All messages sent by the bot will land in the General topic. For organization, you may want to route messages to a specific topic (say, sending application logs into an Errors topic, instead of landing in the General topic, where they may get mixed with other messages).

Any resources to support this?

The blog post that introduced Topics
The Telegram Bot API docs

Are you willing to work on this?

Absolutely! In fact, it would give me an excuse to work on the n8n codebase, so that’s a win for me.