Add support for in-transit encryption (TLS) on Redis connections with self signed CA

The idea is:

Support setting of self signed certificate in the connection (nodes and platform)

My use case:

Support Elasticache / MemoryDB connnections or internal redis

Hey @Renizmy,

Is this for the node or when running n8n in queue mode?

Both but I would say that the queue mode is a priority because it would allow n8n to be deployed in a painless mode. (fools will say a “cloud native” way)

Hey @Renizmy,

Perfect, As a temporary solution you could use a valid certificate for Redis. Using something like Lets Encrypt makes the process fairly painless although if you are using a managed Redis provider I suspect the certificate would be valid or I would at least expect it to be.

I will let the team know anyway so we can look at adding this.

I have the problem right now: Using elasticache or upstash, it doesn’t work.
how can I disable TLS on elasticache?
Even on upstash I disabled TLS and it didn’t work.

How do people usually setup redis in a self-host mode?