Add test auth for PayPal and Magento

Hello again!

Me and my mates already created two PRs regarding auth API test for Magento and PayPal

Can you please check them and try to approximate an ETA for the merge?
Let me know if you need any further information

Thanks for your help in advance

Hey @hasanhw,

Looking at our internal list I can see they have not yet been assigned to anyone for review but they should be fairly quick ones to check and test.

As soon as someone has reviewed them we will let you know on the PRs.


Hello @jon, :smiley:

I was talking to my teammate @Paolo_Rechia and he mentioned that the endpoint credentials/test is gone :x: , and without it the PRs mentioned above are not so useful for us. Can we please also re-enable the endpoint or provide an alternative method to test the API key/access token provided?

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Hey @hasanhw,

What were you using that endpoint for? From what I can see credential testing is still working and the credential/test is still being used by n8n to test credentials. It looks like the endpoint just moved to a different file: n8n/credentials.api.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

I am curious to know what issue @Paolo_Rechia noticed when testing the credentials, One thing that is worth noting is the test files that have been included with the PRs will be dropped as we don’t have a standard test process yet so we can’t accept those so it would just be the changes to the ts files that we keep.

Hey @jon,
Just checked in our code base, It used to be this: "/credentials-test", "post", data
we did search with grep for /credentials-test, but not for /credentials/test and that’s why we thought the endpoint was removed. I tested it and it works as expected :tada:

Sorry for the confusion, seems like we only need to merge the PRs note that we dropped the test files so its easy to merge :wink:

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Hey @hasanhw,

Hopefully it is that easy.

Got released with 0.172.0 :tada:
fyi @jon I will mark this as solved :+1:

Update: I can’t mark it as solved sorry :frowning:

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Hey @hasanhw,

They normally get marked as solved when @jan goes through and tags everything :slight_smile: I am not actually sure what the process is but I should probably learn it .