Add to Airtable multiselect field

Friends, I’m wanting to add to an existing Airtable multiselect field.

My current issue is that when I perform an update operation, it’s overwriting the existing selections and just adding the new selection e.g

multiselect field = 1, 2, 3 ,

Airtable node to update record xx, multiselect field with = 5

result after running

multiselect field = 5

I want it to be = 1, 2, 3, 5

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I didn’t try it but maybe add expression old value, new value you will need probably get another node to list airtable

I had thought about this as an option to work around the issue, it would work (just re applying current selections along with the new) though surely there is a way to add to to the existing field rather than overwrite it?

though I have tested this and it does work, so thanks for the idea! So currently looking up the the record and reposting the original values + new value. Does the trick even if it feels not so elegant.

Check this WF:

Airtable: Airtable - N8N

LMK if it’s helps you