Adding nodes by simply typing on n8n editor


I am from a Control Systems Engineering background, so I find the n8n user interface very appealing because of these pretty block diagrams :slight_smile:

One of the most used software in Control Engineering is Simulink, and I think its interface provides some good ideas for the n8n interface.

For instance, I think this way to add blocks (in the case of n8n, nodes) by simply typing the first letters of its names could be an excellent addition to n8n:

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Thanks @htadashi for sharing this pattern and simulink as a reference!

Always interested in studying useful patterns in tools from other domains - so appreciate you putting it on our radar.

Wondering if you’re aware that you can automatically open the nodes panel (with search bar focused) by drag-clicking on a node’s out point? If that node is selected, the newly added node is also automatically connected to the previously selected node.

If you were not aware of that, would love to know if you still feel a need for your feature request given this existing shortcut?

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That feature exists actually also more or less already. You can press the tab key (which will display the nodes panel) and then simply keep on typing the node name. It will then filter down the nodes accordingly. Once the correct node is selected you press enter. You can also stop typing anytime and move the selection up and down with the arrow keys.


Hi Max. Thanks for the tip! I was not aware of this shortcut. It feels great using it, and I don’t feel more the need for this feature request :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jan! This shortcut is very useful too! :slight_smile: