Adding nodes of Amazing Marvin

It would help if there was a node for:

My use case:

I am currently using Clickup, but I am also considering using Amazing Marvin at the same time. While managing various projects while attending university, I often forget personal tasks or tasks that I need to do with Clickup alone. Clickup is effective for long-term planning and teamwork, but I think Amazing Marvin is more suitable for managing personal and daily tasks, or tasks that focus only on today or tomorrow.

Therefore, I am thinking of integrating Clickup and Amazing Marvin using n8n. Currently, HTTP requests node is sufficient, but I believe there are many people who want to use Amazing Marvin as a node in the future, so I hope to create this node.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

of course but if I can find enough time