Aggregate in batch

How can i aggregate inside a batch? is there somewhere other than SQL that i can write to each iteration then after batch get the data?

now if i use a function, the data sent from the batch node overwrites the function result.

found it here:


Great to hear that you found something that helps yourself! Be however aware that you should only use it to save very small amounts of data.

ya, i’ve seen to ran into some wall.
is there a better why to go about it?

Not sure what exactly you are doing so hard to answer. Guess the best and easiest is without the batch node if possible. Then it simply does all the requests and you have all the results afterwards.

Apart from that there are multiple ways to store data:

maybe i will write to file. is there a way to Append to file? rather then overwriting?

trying to use batch for “simplicity sake”. i want to use as less as code as i can get away with.
my theory is if someone would like to add to my automation he would need to know n8n more then he needs to know JS.

i’d like your view on it though :slight_smile:

Sorry append to file is currently not possible but could be added in the future. You can simply create a topic under “Feature Request” and we will add it to our To-Do list.

Yes, I totally agree that is the right way to do it! Sadly is n8n still quite young and there is so sadly still more code needed than I would like. I hope that improves over the next months as we introduce more nodes to fill this “gap”.

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