👩‍🏫 AI LangChain : Community Workshop

Hey James,

Yes it will be recorded and a highlight video alongside the full audio recording, will be available on Youtube a few days after.

That’s great that there will be a video after the workshop :tada:

Unfortunately, I can participate on that day because a spontaneous appointment has come up.
I wish all participants a lot of fun and I will be there next time!

Ah that’s great. Thank you!

This is awesome, I’ll join! Have quite a bit of both Langchain (python) and n8n experience, so super stoked about this workshop! :grin:

Up until now I have been building agents in python, creating a fastapi wrapper around it and host this on DigitalOcean’s App platform.

It sounds so much easier to create agents in n8n!

The custom langchain code currently seems missing from the latest ai-beta, for me at least.

Great to hear that you are excited, but sorry to hear that you have problems @Jelle_de_Rijke!

I just pulled the latest image and checked for the node. For me, it gets displayed totally fine. Are also any other nodes missing? What version did you use before? Was it also the Docker image ai-beta or another one?

Thanks for the swift repsonse, Jan. I am running the cloud version on latest ai beta:

I actually tried restarting the instance, but that didn’t help.

I can trigger the issue by loading this template:

The custom code node for tools does appear to be present.

Ah, you are running on cloud. Yes, we disable the node there for security reasons as the node gives access to the whole LangChain library. As the node gives indirect access to the whole filesystem, was that sadly necessary.

Btw. always best to open a new topic for unrelated things to keep everything organized and not spam others unnecessarily :wink:

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Hi @Jelle_de_Rijke where would I find information and getting up to speed with building out in Python, I have much more experience in Python than Typescript I think having the knowledge of doing it in Python is awesome.

@divineartis fyi there is currently no way to use LangChain Python with or in n8n. n8n is using the JS version.

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Thank you, I guess I need to bone up on JS :slight_smile:

Ok this is good to know. Is this something that will be available for future n8n ai cloud releases, or would you say that using this node requires hosting n8n yourself?

@divineartis if you still are interested in learning more about Langchain python, I suggest looking into James Briggs’s Youtube channel. He shares really cool Google Colabs that get you going pretty quickly.

To get rid of devops I would prefer to be able to run production Langchain with n8n, though! As this is my (and my clients) go to for most integrations. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Great session, team! Thanks :laughing:

ah crap, did I miss the session? was there a recording?!

When can we expect the recording of the workshop?
I think this is especially helpful for the contest :slight_smile:

Hey hey,
It’s currently being edited, but we hope to have it available soon. Once the videos go up, we’ll be sure to make a post to let everyone know


Hey there sorry for the late reply and thank you I have been following James for a while, I would say I am a little above average when it comes to Python and it is the the n8n I am a total newb. I was hopeful that I did not have to learn Typescript and n8n :slight_smile:

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Well if your usecase fits the current langchain nodes in n8n, you don’t need to learn js. But if you want to go for the custom code nodes, well you know what is on your to-do :wink:

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Great answer, I think my use case is simple enough I just need to spend some more time with the tool to understand it. Thanks for your very quick response.

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Hey @Nikki
any news about the workshop video? :slight_smile:

We’re still working hard on it. I’m hoping to get it out today :slight_smile: there’s a lot of content to squeeze into it