Airtable - Add New Data BUT prevent duplicate

Has anyone created a Workflow that allows a user to add new information to an Airtable table without allowing duplication of data? For example, imagine a User Table with email and several other information points, would there be a way to prevent someone adding a duplicate email entry?

I have miniExtensions which does help prevent duplicates, but I’m interested in finding a way of doing this via n8N and Airtable only.


Do you mean adding information to an Airtable base via an n8n automation?

if that’s your use case, then you can put an IF node in between your workflows to check if an existing Airtable entry contains the incoming email address. Based on the True/False statement in the IF Node, you can let n8n decide whether to input the data or not.


Thanks Sami. I’ll take this into consideration and play around with it.


All the best. Feel free to post again if you run into any issues.