Airtable filter by formula with multiple condition

Hi Expert,

i am using airtable node and list out the record i would like to have
if i have only 1 condition , it is very simple by name=“abc”
however, what if i have 2 or 3 conditions to filter the record?? for example, gender=“male”, etc

i try to search on web but cant find result, can any one give me some hints??


Hi @Louis_kwok, an Airtable formula checking multiple conditions can be done with AND or OR formulas. Airtable documents them here.

So if you’re looking for records where the First Name value equals Patrick and the Last Name equals Star, your formula would be AND({First Name} = "Patrick", {Last Name} = "Star")

If you’re looking for a records where First Name equals Patrick or First Name equals SpongeBob, the formula would be OR({First Name} = "Patrick", {First Name} = "SpongeBob")

Hope this helps!


it works, thanks!!

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