Airtable linked record - how to pass an array using the Set node?

I am trying to pass the linked record info to airtable (record id) and it needs to be sent as an array.

No matter what I do with the expression, it doesn’t seem to correctly transform it.

Is there any command which does the trick?

TLDR: I’m sending multiple values, one of them needs to be sent as an array, how would one set it in the Set node?

P.S. I’ve found this thread with similar workflow: Multi-select fields in AirTable and Notion - #2 by RicardoE105 However, it looks like Richard is using [Array: [" "] expression to do that, but it doesn’t work in my case.

I need to make the ID from the screenshot below to be sent as an array to airtable:

If I understand it correctly you want that the value is in an array? In this case you would have to set:

{{ [ $node["Merge"].json["id"] ] }}

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed :grinning:

Great to hear. Have fun!