Airtable node broken?

Seems like entering in a valid key is not working…

Just checked. The node is still working fine. What is broke is querying the application/base. It seems like Airtable removed that endpoint and there is apparently no way anymore to query that via the API (at least none I could find). So what we probably have to do is to change the “Application” parameter to “string”. The users have then to sadly look for the ID manually on this page:

What you can do as a workaround now is:

  1. Look for the ID of the application/base on the above page. It is then part of the URL once you select it
  2. Set “Application” to expression
  3. Set the ID as the expression

It will then still display that error message but it will work anyway.

Btw. wrote the Airtable support. Let’s see what they say. If there is no way anymore to query the Applications I will change the Dropdown and change it to a string. It is not a nice solution (as it makes it much more complicated) but sadly the only one in that case.

Did finally get an answer from the support team:

So all they did is tell me what I already knew without offering any kind of alternative/solution. Answered them explaining that they should maybe have a proper public and documented endpoint to do. Anyway, do honestly not expect anything to come out of it. I guess I am not the first one complaining and will not be the last. Seeing that there is still none, makes me believe that there will not be any in the foreseeable future. So the only thing I can do now is to remove it. People then have to find the ID manually and copy it in.

So it will be changed in the next version I release.

Sadly did just receive the confirmation that it will not be changed in the foreseeable future:

If they ever make it possible to query it again, I will add it back.