Airtable: Pull New Records on Table


trying to set up a workflow with Airtable.

The records I want the workflow to read are only the new ones (starting from the date/hour the workflow goes active), one by one.

Is it possible to achieve this at this point?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community @Leandro!

Yes, that is possible. The easiest way to do it if add a unique incrementing ID to your entries if possible. You can then save the ID of the last record that you processed somewhere (like Database, File or Static-Data) and then ignore simply all which have a lower ID when the workflow get started.

After processing the records the workflow would have to save the last ID it processed again somewhere (Database, …).

I hope that helps.

Btw. we just released an Airtable-Trigger-Node with [email protected] which should make what you wanted to do very easy.