All Credentials missing

On self-hosted n8n account, all Credentials suddently disappeared from inside the workflows.

However, i still see all my credententials from the credentials section

I switched back to the self-hosted community edition, could that be the root of the problem?

Sorry to hear that you have problems, but can you please fill in the issue template instead of simply deleting it. It contains important information which helps us to help you. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Lesterpaintstheworld

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Yes, indeed, the Sharing feature (allowing you to use the same credentials by multiple users) is a feature exclusive to the team plan. The community edition allows you to have multiple users, but sharing is disabled.

The instance owner (the first user) can still see and use all credentials, regardless of sharing or license, but regular member users can only see and use their own credentials and workflows.

I believe we had a bug some time ago related to not displaying credentials correctly in the UI, but this has been fixed for a while now. What n8n version are you using?

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