All my executions are recieving Unknown Error in the log execution in the last week

I just noticed that i cant visualize my workflows executions log (trigged or manual execution) in the last 5 days.

Error detail: The workflow execution is probably still running but it may have crashed and n8n cannot safely tell.

I checked the VPS in my cloud server and is everything ok with CPU, RAM, Storage usage. Not even close to the maximum parameters.

Really don’t know what is happening, until the date all executions was OK.

One more information: beside the log failure the workflows are running well.

Version 0.209.3

Hi @anderfesouza, I am sorry you’re having trouble.

You’d typically see such a status when the final status of an execution could not be persisted to the database. Are you seeing anything in the n8n server logs that could point to the problem here?

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