All users send email, should I create a workflow for each user?


Let’s say I have 10,000 users that sends emails through one workflow of n8n

Should I create workflow for each of them with a workflow generator?

Or is it enough to create one workflow and use it for 10,000 users? Can n8n handle 10,000 user with one workflow? @Jon @jan

Thank you!

Hey @onurbolaca,

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I guess the approach to take would depend on your workflow, There is no reason I can think of for one workflow not to be able to run 10,000 times or process 10,000 records at once.

Is this 10k emails coming in at once, 10k emails being sent at once or just 10k users being able to send an email from n8n?

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Hey again Jon, thank you for understanding :smiley:

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“10k emails being sent at once or just 10k users being able to send an email from n8n”

  • I am considering the possibility of 10k emails being sent by different users at the same time
  1. Should I think about server capacity on this kind of situation?

  2. I see “execution modes and processes”, should I make a spesific setting for to send 10k emails by different users at the same time?

Hey @onurbolaca,

So 10k being sent at the same time should be fine but it will come down to how you set up n8n and you will need to have the resources to deal with that.

I would probably start by doing a test with what you have then scaling out from there, Sadly there won’t be a magic number for it and it will require some manual testing.

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Thank you so much @Jon ,

Can you recommend a mode and process for this situation? Maybe own process and regular mode?

I would start with Own and see how it goes.

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