Allow to use Google service account credential in HTTP request node

Allowing to use a Google service account credential in the HTTP node would help a lot in building a workflow that automatically updates a domain users’ signature.
Any plans on adding this?

Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

Otherwise, anyone has an idea on how to build a workflow to change the email signatures of a Google Workspace domain users?

This is an ugly workaround, but you could use Apps Scripts to built your signature logic and then call that function with a webhook in n8n.

Not necessarily ugly, but very overkill for what I want.

My workflow works, the only blocking point is authentication, and we all know that issuing an access token using JWT on n8n is a hassle.
Allowing the use of a Google service account in the HTTP request node would really make things easier and much faster.

@jan Any plans on integrating this?