Amazon SES Integration [PARTLY CREATED]

Hey @tcurdt will work on this soon.


@tcurdt just added this. Jan will let you know when is released.


Great, thanks a lot @RicardoE105. Will release a new version today or tomorrow.

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Any thoughts on the bounce tracking?
I guess delivering bounces via email is probably the low hanging fruit.
Otherwise the SNS node needs to be able to receive, too. I think atm it’s send only.

No idea how bounces are reported. I would expect that it is async and would so need a trigger node.

Yes, currently it is only sending. To receive a separate node (a trigger one, same like above) would be needed.

Yeah right now you can use the return path field.

The email address that bounces and complaints will be forwarded to when feedback forwarding is enabled. If the message cannot be delivered to the recipient, then an error message will be returned from the recipient's ISP; this message will then be forwarded to the email address specified by the ReturnPath parameter.

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Got released with [email protected]

That’s one thing but AWS also allows to specify an email address instead of SNS to receive bounces/complaints. I am not quite sure what the differences to the return path is yet. Maybe e.g. when marked as spam.

@tcurdt return path is an email address.

I know :slight_smile: but I doubt it will receive spam complaints.

I am just saying that that using their SNS/email path might be a middle path between implementing a SNS listener and just using the return path header.

@tcurdt just created the AWS SNS Trigger.


You are on a roll here :slight_smile:

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