Amazon SES / SNS dash board

I use Amazon SES as an email provider for many clients for different softwares.

While each software has their own version of email stats dash board, I am keen to create a generic dashboard that pulls data from SES/SNS.

I am looking for basic data like delivered date and time, open date, number of opens, link clicks, bounces, type of bounce, unsubscribe etc. This data is shown in Amazon but grouped and I can see this data per email address / email / campaign.

Google searches reveal no simple solution.

I am sure I could use n8n to achieve this. Even if as simple as populating a google sheet to start with.

Any n8n’ers had any luck pulling this kind of data from SES/SNS?

As long as the AWS API allows retrieving such data (probably they do), you will be able to do this with n8n. I would start by checking the endpoints for both services to understand what is possible. I just had a quick look, and it seems like the GetSendStatistics endpoint should do it, at least for the SES stats.

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