An urgent and important question

Problem with the server … Google Spreadsheets

A problem has arisen.
Was working with Google tables and at some point the fields from the table were no longer available.
I haven’t touched the access methods etc. and they are correct. I have not changed anything in the settings. I was just working with expressions and after reloading I get this error.

Credentials shows the correct ones.

This still enters all the data coming into the fields and updates the table in Google.
The field also kept the name of the old page (or sheet) in the Google table.

Hi @Denis_Praskov
thanks for getting in touch.

On question:

  • can you provide some info about the version of n8n you’re using? (version, cloud/self-hosted)

A few things to try:

  • saving the workflow and refreshing the browser page
  • reconnecting the credentials
  • add another node and do a similar setup to see if you see the “Field Name or ID” names

Let me know if any of these strategies work

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