Analyse Documents with Textract, not just 'Expenses'

Please can you add ‘Document’ scanning to the AWS Textract node. Thank you.

My use case:

Not all invoices (and other documents) can be read by the Textract Expenses reader as many invoices have multiple tables that need to be read, there are also different costs between the two services on AWS.

I don’t think there’s much difference in the API as mentioned in:

the other relevant API is: AnalyzeDocument - Amazon Textract

I believe this might be the only change needed:

   "Document": { 
      "Bytes": blob,
      "S3Object": { 
         "Bucket": "string",
         "Name": "string",
         "Version": "string"
   "FeatureTypes": [ "TABLES" ] //new json

Many thanks

Hi @bocaz, I was able to run this in a very hacky way. Im looking to make the pull request, but if you can run n8n locally you could try.

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