Announcing the n8n Certification Course for Beginners (Level 1) πŸŽ“

Hey everyone, we released the first n8n certification course for beginners, which teaches you the basic concepts/components of n8n and how to build a workflow.
Level 2 and Level 3 courses are already in progress, so stay tuned!


How do you know if you passed or not the exam?

Hey @igcorreia!

You will get an email! Make sure you check your Promotions folders :wink:

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Hey @igcorreia, I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

This is cool :cool::sunglasses:


@tanay still waiting for the team reply :arrow_down_small:

Hey @igcorreia, I see that @harshil1712 sent you a message on the same day. Can you please check your inbox? :slight_smile:

Hey @igcorreia!

I am taking a look at it again. Will send you a message soon :slight_smile:

@harshil1712 … will you please check my account as well? I completed the course and milestones earlier today. I did notice that, although the Discord node responses with β€œsuccess=true”, the message was not posted in the Discord channel.


I have found when trying the post to discord section it is showing the success as true but nothing is appearing. For the webhook URL I am using the one sent in the email with the unique id in it and the text result in the expression builder seems to show the correct result (or at least it matches what others have in there).

I then found on the exam it is sending back a failed message but I am wondering if that is linked to the Discord message not posting or where I have misunderstood the wording for the workflow modification although one way seems to provide an answer for question 23 but some of the earlier answers have multiple decimal places so I don’t know if the marking workflow has those included as well or if it is just one of those odd javascript quirks.

Just sharing here for visibility - @jon and @go4cas’s issues got resolved. Most likely caused by a whitespace at the end of the message to Discord.


Hello there,
I’m not sure if I appear to be having the same issue as Jon and go4cas, as the discord node is claiming true with there being nothing posted within discord.

Please could you let me know if there’s anything I need to do to resolve on my end?
Many thanks,

Hey @iandewhurst!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

All the messages get posted in the #course-level-1 channel. Let me know if you don’t see a message on that channel.

Thank you for the warm welcome :grinning:

I can’t see any posts with my unique ID unfortunately

Hey @iandewhurst,

Sending you a direct message to resolve this :slight_smile:

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@iandewhurst if it helps the problem I had was I found a random space in the ID at the end that I had to remove, I think they were updating the backend to trim the ID on post though.


Sharing here for visibility - @iandewhurst wasn’t passing the Unique ID correctly, and that’s why the message didn’t get posted on Discord.

@jon, we have updated the workflow to trim the ID :wink:


What are the nodes used in generating the certificate? The quality of the video didn’t show them clearly.

Hey @moeghashim!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

We used the node to generate the certificate.

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The Course Webhook URL sent in the Email is not registered.