Any experiences/tests handling several requests per second?

Hi there,
The main workflow I’ll be running it’s quite simple.
CRM webhook (hubspot, etc. or any webhook) to Google BigQuery/Google Sheet.
Maybe there is a step in the middle to hash an email or something but that’s it.

So questions:

  1. what do you think it’s the maximum speed per second N8N code can handle? we do internet marketing launches and sometimes we get 25/50 leads per second into the CRM. (for example when we do a Live event, or do a broadcast to our list) it’s not constant during the day but we do have spikes.
  2. Any cloud solutions that are proven to handle this type of volume affordably? Amazon? Linode? etc.

Let me know!

Hi @juanmart1981

N8n can handle a lot as long as you are smart with the workflow design. What you describe sounds perfect for a queue to handle. So send webhooks straight to a queue like rabbitmq and then proces from the queue one by one or a few at the same time. Rabbitmq had a nice native node that has all you need to do this including option to set how many you want to proces in parallel.

N8n cloud will probably be fine handeling this but you do have an execution limit then and also need a seperate rabbitmq instance to use.
Any VPS will do, using docker makes it easy to set up. There is enough examples on the forum etc. On that.

Hope this helps.

Oh and of course welcome to the community :partying_face:


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome a quick reply! Will look into this!!


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