Any luck building from source on Arm64 (Raspberry PI)?

Hello, has anyone had success building n8n from source on Arm64?

I’ve tried node LTS 10, 12, and 14 without success. 14 has some obscure build exec EPIPE errors related to the gui package, 10 and 12 have a library that throws an alert that it doesn’t support Arm64. I’ve had no issue with running the n8n release versions however. Only trying this because of the convenience of developing on the same machine I’m running n8n.

OS: Kubuntu 20.04 (Arm64)
Hardware: Raspberry PI 4

Hey @Chris-Hayes!

I don’t much knowledge about ARM64 and Raspberry PI. But we have a Docker image for Raspberry Pi. You can checkout the Docker image here:

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Hey @Chris-Hayes,

I have created a Multi-Arch Docker-Image which includes arm64 :wink:

You will find the Image here:

The Dockerfile is the same as the one from the n8n-rpi image, but I use Buildx to create a Multi-Arch-Image for amd64, arm and arm64:

I hope this will help you :slight_smile:

Regards Benny